What kind of Shipping do you offer?

Free Shipping is offered as default. But you can choose Express Shipping (extra fee) at Checkout!

  • $0 - Free Shipping in Canada on all products directly from our warehouse in Montreal (QC) if inventory available.
  • $15 to $30 (confirmed at checkout) – USA Shipping on all products directly from our warehouse in Montreal (QC) if inventory available.
  • Worldwide Shipping: Not available


Covid-19 & Shipping Delays

COVID-19: Has caused a lot of problems for the industry, with longer delays for freight to receive our products.

Lately we've also noticed an increased cost for Express Shipping because of many restrictions.


Do you offer Tracking?

Yes and as soon as we ship your order, we will send you a follow-up email with tracking information. If you have not received your tracking mail, you may also want to check your spam folder. You can also find the tracking number in My account if you registered to our website.


What kind of Warranty do you have?

We offer 1 Year Warranty on all watches and  90 days on accessories!

Luxury watch brands all offer 2 year warranty, directly with manufacturer after the first 30 days from purchase.


What to do if there is a problem with a watch?

Please contact us through support email and we will find a solution that will satisfy you as a customer, if not repairable, we'll offer you a new watch, if model is no longer available, a replacement of equivalent value will be offered.


How does Returns work?

If there is an issue with the product itself, due to defects in materials or craftsmanship, please contact us via email right away so we process the warranty request. All returns must include:

  • The product itself.
  • The box and all the package it came with (unless we tell you othewise).
  • A copy of your purchase invoice.


What is the Return Address?

We'll provide the return address along with an authorization # when your request is processed and accepted. Please note that you are responsible for return shipping fee to our warehouse.


What is Homage?

A homage watch is basically a timepiece that somehow imitates famous, authentic ones but is sold at a fraction of the cost. Homage watches are considered more affordable alternatives to luxury brands which typically have high price tags not everybody can afford.

Homage watches are not fakes or replicas since they maintain their own identity even though they incorporate a few of the design features found on luxury watches. These alternative accessories give you the same vibe as that of the luxury watches they’re paying their tribute to. You can find some of these in our Pagani Design collection.


What Homage watches do you sell?

Are the Watches Waterproof?

Our watches are waterproof to a certain extent, unless specified otherwise on the product page or instruction manual. For normal everyday wear, our watches are absolutely waterproof. You can wear them while you wash your hands and even take a shower. However, try not to let the watch in direct contact with steam and hot water. Do not wear your watch in a hot bath.


Explain Water Resistance?

Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if I get some water inside my watch?

If there is only a small amount of water vapor inside the watch, the water vapor will automatically disappear over time. Wearing the watch on you wrist with upside down for about two hours will also help the water vapor to disappear. However if there are some drops inside the watch, you should take it to a repair shop as soon as possible. 


How do you adjust the folding clasp?

Push the spring pin so it loosens and you can adjust the bracelet on the folding clasp. Use a very tiny screwdriver or similar. We recommend to bring it to a repair shop or jewelery store.